Top 5 Technology Trends in 2021 That CEOs Should Know

The COVID-19 pandemic has rewritten the playbook for businesses in every industry. Most noteworthy has been the digital pivot — with in-person interaction restricted across the world, many companies scrambled to transition their businesses to an online-only model.

Looking forward to the rest of 2021, organizations in every sector are struggling to anticipate the direction they should take. The in-person elements of the economy should open back up this summer, but there are many aspects of our newly digital world that aren’t going anywhere. Here’s what we’re keeping an eye on going forward.

1. Eliminating Technical Debt

Think of technical debt as the clutter in your codebase. As you add or modify software in your company’s tech stack, you’ll develop fundamental issues with your code that slow down operations, force you to put other initiatives on hold, and might even require you to rewrite code entirely before you can get anything done.

Technical debt is almost inevitable unless you take great care to avoid it, implementing bug tests and allocating the time to “pay down” that debt, cleaning code on a regular basis. The longer you wait to fix these problems, the worse they’ll become.

2. Modernizing and Organizing Your Tech Stack

Technology moves fast, and most C-suite executives don’t have the time to evaluate every development in the technology they use. Since implementation,, features have been added and removed, competitors have launched, and alternate solutions have arisen that can achieve the same if not better result.

The best way to avoid these redundancies and gaps is to consult with an expert. A technology consultancy is full of people with expertise across disciplines, from HR tools to CRMs, and can advise you if you need to optimize or if you need to innovate.

3. Building a Better Digital Presence

Websites have been essential for a long time, but a powerful digital presence is becoming more and more important by the year. We saw the enormous head start that companies with agile digital abilities were afforded during the COVID-19 pandemic. Even barring a global crisis, your tech presence will need to be flexible enough to keep up with the inevitable march of progress.

This is another area where outside help is crucial. It’s hard to watch the trends in your industry and the tech space in general from inside your company, but an external consultancy can offer objective insights into where your organization’s tech presence should go.

4. Increased Investment in Cybersecurity

Attacks on online platforms have been skyrocketing in recent years, from websites to supply chain attacks. For your company, your customers, and your reputation, digital security is of the utmost importance. As recent data breaches have taught us, no system is invulnerable and every piece of your system matters, both internal and external.

Your organization can’t afford to scrimp on cybersecurity, but every organization is different — there’s no universal advice that will apply to everyone. You need to keep track of not only your own code, but any third-party plugins, products, and libraries your business uses. A professional consultancy can help you navigate the complicated landscape of tech security and implement the measures you need to keep your data safe.

5. Shifting Away From Internal IT Departments

As the world of technology gets more complicated, the breadth of skills required to keep pace with it increases. Your company can hire an increasingly diverse group of IT professionals, but your technology budget will rise substantially as you do so.

It may make more sense to work with a partner that has the skills you need available on demand. That way, you’re paying a flat consultancy fee for the expertise of the entire company, and you only bring in the experts on a particular subject when you need them.

Take Action on Technology Trends

The technical expertise and experience you need to bring your company up to speed in the complex world of technology is daunting, even for the most technology savvy executives. At Madison Taylor Technology, we take a holistic and business results orientated approach to technology actions and recommend it for organizations in all industries. Get to know the contemporary trends in technology, and then crosswalk what is going on in technology with your existing organizational goals and initiatives. Consider which trends can impact the most important organizational goals, and determine the level of effort required to put each applicable trend into action.

With a picture of cutting-edge trends, applicability to organization goals, and an estimate of effort to deploy, you’re ready to lead meaningful technology change. Of course, we’re here to help along the way, whether with solution exploration or technical implementation.

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