Why It’s Important to Educate in Technology Consulting

Technology consultancies should view their role as helping clients advance their business growth by providing systematic and strategic technology solutions. Technology consultants should serve as a guide to building processes that will help clients mitigate risks and streamline their system processes and security. The goal should be to educate clients while providing better technology resolutions for their specific needs.

Why Education Helps

Technology solutions are often incredibly complex – if there’s a misunderstanding of the client’s needs, solution development and implementation can be easily moved in the wrong direction. It is best to iron out each proposed problem-solution set, beginning with theory of origin, then following with proposed solutions, and anticipated results. Providing clear-cut strategies that directly align business problems with technology solutions will be most beneficial for the client and the consulting experience on the whole.

Moreover, the complexity of technology is no excuse to leave clients in an ambiguous position. The duty of technology professionals should be to establish transparency, providing understanding so everyone has full awareness of the proposed processes and overall benefits of proposed solutions. Clients are putting trust in the consultation process, not just to create a blueprint and leave them stranded without the proper building materials, but to see the process through from problem identification to solution implementation.

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Technology consulting requires an immense amount of knowledge and expertise, especially when addressing business information systems architecture. Even so, that knowledge will only push the process so far without compelling collaboration. The technology consultancy responsibility is far beyond offering advice to clients in need; providing insight is only a small part of the job. It’s not only ethical to educate clients, but it’s imperative as a consultant to provide clients with the right resources to accomplish business goals.

Consultation is less about knowing how to simply prescribe effective methods, and more about how to shepherd clients to get results. If everything delivered is proprietary “secret sauce” and information is withheld, it’s an indefensible disservice.

We don’t work that way and neither should you. At Madison Taylor Technology, clients can expect a collaborative and educational experience with tenacious solutions. We work with clients, not just for them.

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