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Most organizations are failing to improve their technology infrastructure due to the lack of knowledge and guidance from experts. Some skip vital aspects of the process to speed up their initiatives, which often proves to be counterproductive.

We work hand-in-hand with your internal teams to systematically gather, record, and analyze qualitative and quantitative data. Through deep analysis, we can identify and assess competitive insights, market opportunities, and internal efforts in order to optimize and target technology efforts.

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Situational Assessment

Every engagement begins with an assessment of the unique business environment surrounding your organization and technology infrastructure. Our delivery on research engagements goes above and beyond, providing the insights needed to successfully implement technology initiatives.

  • We conduct a deep dive of current processes, needs, and goals.
  • Our team identifies gaps, pain points, and opportunities in your technology strategy.
  • We benchmark similar processes and goals within and beyond your industry.

Our team is a trusted provider of researched technology solutions because we know the space and we understand organizational dynamics. We work with organizations from the earliest stages of solution ideation to the final evaluation of detailed plans to significantly reduce risk and launch initiatives successfully.

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Did you know? 82%

82% of executives are not reviewing their internal business processes before starting their digital transformation.

In part because of factors related to the Covid-19 pandemic, organizations are changing their business plans:

  • 44% of organizations surveyed are increasing the pace of their digital transformation
  • 33% are tightening their security and risk and governance management
  • 30% are developing additional training resources for remote workers
  • 36% are working on improving their IT operations and systems performance
  • 32% are planning to connect with employees through standardized, secure, and intuitive tools
  • 27% are reviewing their current disaster recovery setup

However, 82% of executives are not reviewing their internal business processes before starting their digital transformation.

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