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Our Story

In 2008, Aimee Meester started Madison Taylor Marketing to provide better marketing solutions and agency partnerships than what was available. There was no grand mission statement, no elaborate business plans, or dreams of an IPO, just a few people with a passion to alleviate the frustration of working with an agency.

As both an entrepreneur and client advocate, Aimee experienced typical technology frustrations and paralysis, as well as the inextricable link technology has with organizational success. When Aaron Rawls joined the organization in 2017, Madison Taylor was able to quickly roll out initiatives designed to help clients with technology solutions, specifically in support of marketing efforts. But we knew we could do more.

In 2020, Madison Taylor Technology was launched as an organization dedicated to providing the same integrity, expertise, and professional delivery in the technology space that Madison Taylor Marketing is known for within the marketing space. We’re measuring success by the love the internal team has for coming to work every day, how many of our clients view us as a vital partner in their success, and the daily tangible evidence of how our strategies are helping people, processes, and deliverables.

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Who We Are

We are relentlessly dedicated to client organizational success.

We are committed to understanding client needs and presenting tailored technology solutions.

We are intent on delivering the best strategy, systems, and execution you’ll find anywhere.

We have the expertise to translate client goals into technology solutions.

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Aimee Meester, Strategy Leader, head shot

Aimee Meester, Strategy

Chris Copen, operations leader, headshot

Chris Copen, Operations

Aaron Rawls, Technology lead, head shot

Aaron Rawls, Technology

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If your core values are aligned with ours and you have the experience to deliver exceptional technology solutions to our clients, send us some information about who you are, what your capabilities are, and how you’ve been able to contribute to organizational results previously.

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Begin a Conversation

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