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Balancing Technology Innovation and Optimization

As your business scales, you’re bound to run into obstacles. As these obstacles arise, you’ll be faced with a choice when it comes to your technology: innovation or optimization. So how do you assess which approach to pursue?

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How to Perform a Technology Gap Analysis in 5 Steps

To ensure that your technology is working together, you should be regularly performing what’s called a technology gap analysis. In this analysis, you’ll work to identify inefficient handoffs between tools, finding better ways to set up those technologies, and find new solutions that can make your entire tech stack more efficient. Here’s how to get started.

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Creating a Sustainable Technology Ecosystem

You can’t build an efficient technology ecosystem unless you can take stock of the one you have. Unless your company was founded very recently, there’s a good chance that you didn’t choose all the tools you’re using at the same time. Like a biological ecosystem, your ecosystem evolved over time as you added pieces.

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The Value of Technology Compliance

Ultimately, poor IT compliance is a risk not worth taking. Other challenges might include educating employees on new practices, unauthorized third-party applications, mobile devices, and new regulations, but an organization with robust policies will find it easier to keep up with whatever changes come along.

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The Value of Technology Alignment

Ensuring that your IT department is working in sync with the rest of your company will save you time and money, creating a more efficient and modern business. IT-business alignment will reduce expenses, increase collaboration, speed up time-to-market, and improve key employee competencies.

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What You Can Learn From the Recent Data Breaches

While your company’s data may not be as high-stakes as Microsoft or the federal government, cybersecurity is still vital to the safe operation of your organization and the trust of your customers. So what lessons can be learned from the high-profile data breaches?

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